Relax – Caffeine Free Lotus Lemongrass Tea. Net 40g


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Ingredients Lotus, Curcuma, Lemongrass, Kaffir Leaves. No preservatives. No gluten. No GMO. No additives of any kind.


Characteristic This floral herbal tea has a calming and relaxing effect. Therefore it’s wonderfully suitable for times of stress while working, after dinner and or before going to bed for sleeping better.




Floral rose fragrance mixed with a fresh & grassy aroma along with light citrus essence. Slight bitter warm undertone.


Add 2-3 tablespoon into a tea pot. Pour boiled water over it and allow 7 minutes to steep. Leave it longer for a stronger taste. It can be steeped 3 times as long as you keep them moist within 12 hours.


After opening, keep it in an airtight container in a dark & cool place away from strong odor. To keep fresh, it also can be refrigerated.

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Weight80 g


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