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Moringa Tablets – Certified Organic


Ingredient: 100% Certified Organic Moringa. No preservatives. No gluten. Non GMO. No additives of any kind.



We use exclusively Moringa Leaves & no stems or likewise. Moringa leaves contain the highest density of nutrients. Our moringa tablets contain No vegetable oil,  No milk ingredients,  No GMO, fillers, gluten,  No thickener, stabilizer,  No colors or flavors additives,  No Sugar or artificial sweeteners,  No soy protein or soy derivative.

Moringa Tablets are a rich source of all essential nutrients, which makes them a plant-based dietary supplement. Something like a natural multi-vitamin and multi-minerals combined. Our moringa tablets are exclusively from moringa leaves only with the highest nutrition intensity. Ideal for health-conscious people, busy managers, vegans, and vegetarians. 2 – 6 tablets for adults. 1 – 3 tablets for children. For more information about the moringa tablet and it’s powerful benefits please refer to here.

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