My name is Pal, I am the production manager of I Dig Herbs. I was born and grew up in a village in Angkor Archaeological Park in Siem Reap, Cambodia. These herbs and roots are grown in a nutrient rich, well drained soil with full sun and a trail of the wild. I collect them in limited quantities from small communities in a heavily protected archaeological area with no industry.

Organic Farming
Nutrition Based Healing

My name is Morteza Ariana. I am a German citizen residing in Singapore. In 2015 my wife Pal and I founded I Dig Herbs. My mission is to contribute to your health and well-being by means of caffeine free herbal teas with proven health properties in a long history of traditional medicine. I also provide a protocol for lifestyle and diet modification to support you in prevention of obesity and chronic diseases. For more information about nutrition and health coaching toss me your questions.

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