Moringa Tea

Moringa Tea



Name  Moringa Tea, Lemongrass Flavored

Ingredients   Lemongrass & Moringa. No Flavor additives. No Preservatives.

Taste  Slight bitter with mild grass-like undertones. Delicate yet exotic, lemony with a tinge of mint.

Health Profile As powerhouse of Minerals, Vitamins, amino  acids, and antioxidants Moringa is the healthiest plant on the earth. Among many other health benefits Moringa stimulates blood circulation, has anti-aging properties stimulating appetite and improves the functioning of digestive tract.

Size  50g, brews 23 cups
Price  US$5.70


Moringa Ginger Tea

Ginger Moringa Tea



Name  Moringa & Ginger Tea, Lemongrass Flavored.
Ingredients  Lemongrass, Moringa & Ginger. No Flavor additives. No Preservatives.

Taste Slight spiciness and biting while also sweet, warm and woody, light citrus essence mixed with slight bitter and mild grass like undertones.

Health Profile As powerhouse of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, fibers, & antioxidants Moringa is a potent plant based dietary supplement. Combined with ginger & lemongrass this highly aromatic herbal tea has innumerable health  benefits which is a potent home remedy & adds significantly to your health & vitality.

Size:  70g, brews 23 cups
Price:  US$5.70


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