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Kaffir Lime

Kaffir limes is a tropical fruit native to various parts of Asia. Aside from its many culinary uses, its uniquely tart, pleasant flavor, and its high content of beneficial compounds, kaffir lime is also highly popular in herbal medicine. The oil, leaves, fruit, and rind of kaffir limes are all utilized for different purposes of health & wellness.

Health Benefits of Kaffir Lime Leaves

Detoxify the Blood  The unique mix of volatile compounds is known to eliminate those pathogens or foreign agents in the blood, while also helping the liver and lymphatic system strain out dangerous substances and improve your overall health.

Digestive Issues  There are a number of components found within kaffir limes that are also found in lemongrass and related herbs. These organic constituents are anti-inflammatory in nature, but they are also stimulating for the digestive system.

Insect Repellant  Kaffir limes are often used for their insect repellant properties. The citronellol and limonene found in kaffir limes are very unappealing to most insects. When you put a lotion or a salve containing kaffir lime juice/oil on your skin, you can significantly decrease your chances of being bitten by bugs.

Skin Care  Some of the acids found in kaffir lime Leaves can help to neutralize free radicals. Antioxidants compounds also slow the breakdown of cells and minimize the appearance of age marks, scars, and pimples. If you want your skin looking healthy and fresh well into your old age, then perhaps some kaffir lime Leaves is precisely what you need!

Kaffir Lime leaves Tea

Lower Inflammation For those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, edema, gout, or some other inflammatory condition kaffir limes is a very effective remedy. You can use the juice, leaves, or oil extracts on the area where you are experiencing discomfort or pain. You can also consume the fruit and the juices to enjoy a similar effect. This anti-inflammatory effect also makes kaffir lime Leaves beneficial for headaches and migraines.

Stress Reduction  If you suffer from anxiety or various nervous disorders, spending some time inhaling these soothing vapors can calm the body and mind.

Immune System  The antibacterial and antioxidant quality of kaffir limes make them powerful tools to boost the immune system. The topical application prevent infections and bacteria from accumulating on the skin. Kaffir lime can help prevent a wide variety of gastrointestinal illnesses and stimulate the immune system via antioxidant effects.

Hair Health  One of the less well-known applications of kaffir lime leaves is in the hair. You can apply decoctions and mixtures to the scalp and hair to slow the onset of male pattern baldness and strengthen the follicles of the hair. This also moisturizes the skin to prevent dandruff and improves the appearance and shine.

Oral Health  The most widespread use of kaffir lime is in the protection of oral health. The leaves eliminate harmful bacteria that can build up in the mouth.

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