Why Herbal Tea is Healthy?

Herbal Teas are rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory agents. For optimum benefits of nutrient properties drink these caffeine free & highly aromatic herbal infusions on a daily basis. You also can enjoy them as iced tea.

Herbal Tea

About These Herbal Teas

We supervise the process of selection and production of these herbs in accordance with our passion for organic farming. They are grown in harmony with biodynamic ecosystem in a microbiome rich soil. Collected in very limited quantities from small communities with no use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. No preservatives. No gluten. No GMO. No additives of any kind. To retain the richness of nutrients and flavor profile loose leaves are preferable. To preserve the freshness and avoid mold/fungi we vacuum pack and seal it.

Why Moringa is a Superfood?

Moringa is loaded with minerals and vitamins in an over proportional quantity. Therefore, Moringa is a Powerful Plant Based Dietary Supplement. Moringa is also a potent free radical fighter as it contains 46 antioxidants and selenium. In addition, Moringa is a natural heavy metal binder and helps with liver detoxification. It also contains 27g protein including all 9 essential amino acids.

Enjoy Cambodian Curry

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